Do Humans Hibernate? Snuggle up in Bed this Winter Countless reports suggest that humankind, like many of our counterparts in the animal kingdom, are inclined to sleep much more during the winter as colder days and less sunlight result in lower energy levels. So as your bed quickly becomes your new best friend we look at top tips to make your bed even more comfortable and inviting this winter. Human sleep is regulated by light, so in winter when the days become longer we tend to want to sleep more and more. It is not that we need extra sleep; we simply just want more of it. So, make your bedroom more inviting because during the winter season the most important factors are warmth and comfort. We have tips flat shoes that will help create a sleep haven, which will lure the individual into staying in bed for more than a third of their life. Declutter the Bedroom The bedroom must be a peaceful place for relaxation of the body and mind. This is only possible when the room looks great, so start by de-cluttering it. This is easily done with (a href="http://www.carpetright.co.uk/subcategory-divans-beds.html">Carpetright storage beds that provide room for hiding summer clothing while creating enough room for those silver prom shoes seasonal winter coats. Not only do storage bed frames come with enough space underneath the mattress to put away clutter but some have practical headboards too. Hide numerous things without anybody noticing, an especially useful solution for those who enjoy reading in bed. Then there are double divan beds that provide a huge amount of storage room for a spotless and a minimalistic bedroom at the same time as having enough room for two sleepers. We recommend this for parents with big families because this will create many hiding spaces for Christmas presents and enough sleeping room for ultimate comfort, intimacy and warmth. Mattress and Extra Bedding Once the room is de-cluttered and at blue shoes its best, focus on the comfort and support of the mattress and the bedding. When it is winter, we simply want to curl up with a warm hot water bottle and avoid the cold outside as much as possible. This means that a bed is needed that will support all the critical areas of the body and provide comfort that will not leave a sexy red pumps person too stiff when they finally get up. A small double mattress can provide ideal comfort and lots of space for a person who prefers to high heels for men spread out during the night. A big enough mattress therefore will provide ideal personal comfort. Then simply add fluffy cushions, plump bedding and warming cotton bed linen to complete the winter boudoir. Now forget all the worries of the world and red bottom louboutin cheap shoes sleep as much as one's heart desires! About Carpetright As Europe's leading floor retailer, Carpetright stocks a wide selection of quality flooring products including carpets, rugs, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. We also sell a fabulous range of beds from top brands; view our collections of divan beds, bed frames and comfortable mattresses online. For carpeting your whole room or simply adding a simple yet effective touch to transform an interior, why not visit www.carpetright.co.uk or a local store today to find how we can help transform your floor.
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